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    Why Apply With Us?

    • 24/7 Support throughout the entire program
    • Secure and safe internship placements due to our strong partnerships in foreign country.
    • The opportunity to work during year abroad most cultural and diversified locations.
    • Quick orientation session before leaving with propose free hospitality courses according
      position your internship in hotel.

    • All year around
    • Minimum 6 months
    • Age: 18-45 years


    Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands located approximately 30.5 km from the coast of Normandy, France.

    Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional Monarchy with its own financial, legal and judicial systems.

    Jersey is a Crown dependency of the United Kingdom.  It is not part of the United Kingdom but it is part of the British Isles.

    Jersey is not a full member of the European Union but has a special relationship with it notably being treated as within the European Community for the purposes of free trade in goods.


    Today Jersey  have around 70 producers farming 27,000 vergees of  land with an average farm size of 385 vergees.  (Local land measurement – 2.25 vergees to 1 acre).

    Jersey now have one main crop – the Jersey Royal potato and a vibrant Dairy Industry thanks to our world famous Jersey Cow.  We also cultivate flowers and vegetable crops.

    The  detail programs :

    Wages   –    £7.50 per hour. More farms pay salary every week.

    Hours of Work   –   50 hours per week, on average.

    Accommodation   –   is provided for all workers and employers are entitled, by law,

    to charge up to from  £40-82.12 per person, per week.

    In addition, employers will make a small charge for utilities – electricity / gas / water.

     Accommodation with all convenience  with kitchen.

    Single or share rooms.

    Social Security   –   it is a legal requirement for an employer to deduct 6% from the

    employee’s wages for Social Security.

    Income Tax   –   all employees have to register at the Income Tax Department prior to

    commencing work and employers have to, by law, deduct a percentage of their

    employees’  wages as requested under the Income Tax Instalment System.

    Registration Card   –   it is now a legal requirement for every worker arriving in Jersey

    to work for the first time, to obtain a Registration Card.

    A one-off charge of £80.00 will be made for the Card.

     In any cases farmers pay  for inland tickets before arrival.

    This money will charge from salary.

    General Requirements
    • 18 to 45 years old (the upper age limit is flexible for good candidates)
    • EU citizenship. Working holiday 1 year visa also possible for citizenship 18-30 years old.
    • Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Monaco, New Zealand, Taiwan and British nationals who are not citizens of the UK including British Nationals (Overseas), British Overseas Territory Citizens and British Overseas Citizens can also apply in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    • Basic English is advance, but in group people in each farm one must speak conversation English
    • Agriculture previous experience is advance
    • To be prepared to work hard.
    • To be prepared to work hard.
    Required documents
    • An up to date C.V vitae/templates-instructions.
    • Black & white passport size photo
    • Application form
    • Copy of passport and/or identification card.
    • Doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to work
    • A certificate from the police to say that you have no previous criminal record
    • 2 references from previous work.
    Application process

    Application process for working holiday EU programs

    • Get detailed information about the program and the terms of participation.
    • Send the necessary papers: CV in AJ, photos of the passport format and photo (with a smile).
    • In any cases the interview by phone or Skype will be necessary with hotel managers or our managers.
    • After successful interview or without it, applicants received agreement with condition our cooperation and need to pay a deposit 50 Eur per bank transfer to our account in 3 business days. The deposit will return if in case illness applicant or nobody not apply him. For all non-EU /working holiday/applicants will necessary apply for working holiday visa.
    • Once the employer confirms you, we will send all information about placements internship/work and after your conformation send agreement or job offer from farm.
    • Once you have received the contract, you also have to pay the remaining amount of the administrative fee gbp 50 via bank transfer during 3 business days.
    • You must send copy your fly tickets that we have opportunity inform farmer about your arrival.
    • You have to take a health insurance, Waterproof clothing, Boots, Gloves

    Administrative payment   250 Eur/include refundable 50Eur
     deposit/after sign agreement/job offer with farm.

    Other administrative payment GBP 197 will charge after one month from your salary.

    For non-EU working holiday visa applicant first payment 350 Eur /include refundable   50 Eur /
    deposit/ after sign agreement with farm.

    The service package and cost includes:

    Interviewing to join the program.

    Assistance in completing the file, writing a CV and registration form, recommendations

    File Processing

    Identification of the offer / employer

    Presentation of the details of the work company and the position for which the company selected the
    applicant to support the interview/if interview will be necessary/, Organization of the interview with the employer ,if will be necessary and providing details on its support.

    Assistance in signing the work contract with the employer, providing necessary information about
    conditions work and information about documents on the applicant’s legal status on the territory of
    foreign country.

    Presentation of the legal procedures to be performed by the applicant on the territory of country
    Travel Planning Assistance, Airline Ticket Booking, Airport Transfer to Employer Details, Available
    Transports, Costs for Each Variant.

    • 24/7 Support throughout the entire program
    • Secure and safe internship placements due to our strong partnerships in foreign country.
    • The opportunity to work during year abroad most cultural and diversified locations.
    • Quick orientation session before leaving with propose free hospitality courses according position your work in hotel.


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