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We offer a wide range of job paid internship placements for students, youth and adults in field of
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Customer Reviews

  • Hello! Last year I was in Mallorca and I was really happy – I grabbed a great hotel and colleagues etc. I guess it depends on the hotel. Besides the fact that all suggested solutions much haste and last minute (contract so), so I came up fine. I want to ask you what you (other) experience with Lanzarote? I want go with them this year, but because they want to date me internship in Lanzarote and as I read the reviews here on Lanzarote so much want me anymore: So I want to ask what is your experience with Lanzarote? 🙂 Thank you very much.

  • Hello, I go with this agency for the internship, after all my afraid, I must say that I’m totally the opposite experience! Last summer, I went with a friend to the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura and everything was perfect. I got a job in a sports team and everything was arranged during the week. Upon arrival at the place were no problems, everything was well furnished. Accommodation, all I was entitled to his own room in a two-room apartment and hotel was nice. Work was also good and interesting, we worked 5 days a week and the other two off to travel, rest. Food was also secured so who wants to spend so all we had, even though it was not the best. We got uniforms that we returned at the end of a wash was available at the apartments. So my experience with this agency was very good and I highly recommend !!

  • I was in Tenerife last summer at the Dania Park elegance. Before I traveled, I am afraid because read by Internet madly reviews about different agency and I was insanely worried ..: D after such a beautiful experience what I experienced there I decided to write a review too at things bring ruin to debunk ..;) … For me it was an incredible experience, one must have some luck to people and hotel. I was bestriended faster in Spanish, I was beginning but since there was no Spanish-speaking, I quickly learned so far and speaking fluently. The people from Tenerife, I keep in touch, they invited me to carnivals in February, so I went: D and it was another crazy thing in my life .. 🙂

  • Hey, you have read all the comments and I must admit that I probably really lucky this agency.. I was in Mallorca on a smaller 3 * hotel and everything was beyond my expectations. Although base salary was 425 E but credited monthly overtime and bonuses, and tips it climbed to about 650, sometimes more, depended on tips. Otherwise, when I went there, I could not Spanish more than hello and thank you, but the staff helpful, polite and patient, so I felt great. On the beach I had a 50m accommodation I was almost better than the guests – bedroom, living room with

    kitchen and bath- firsroomt two, but after 2 months it was all just for me and I’ve had a huge terrace. Probably really it depends on luck, which will send humans…;)

  • Hello, owner I have good experience. Last year I worked through them at the hotel on the Greek island of Kos and it was terrific “holidays”. Work arranged for the money we got paid for all (even half the flights) and still enjoyed the sunshine etc., so I can only recommend. If you want to know more info, just write email

  • Hello, this year in March,I begin my internship. I set out on the island of Lanzarote to the Floresta Hotel. I have to say that was my best decision in life. This agency, and especially Mr Stiestits, has done everything to ensure my placement. That’s why I can really recommend the big plus is to go abroad for a long time almost for free.

  • Hello, we were with my friend this year for 5 months in Greece on the island of Kos at Hotel Palazzo del mare and I can say that it was a great job, so I recommend. we had a lot of money, but we had something to bring home, and we enjoyed the tip too.
    Accommodation and food were free, even though it was sometimes not possible to eat, but the Greek diet is different than we are accustomed hotel is simply luxury, kitchen, service everything had to be great, so that high level.

  • Thank for organization my working holiday in Canada mountain resort. I received big experience in hospitality and also have good rest in it, enjoyed ski and beautiful nature. Staff in hotel was friendly

    help me in my work ,accommodation vary comfortable and near hotel